Colors, Shapes, and Close Up Detail!

23 Nov


This is a photo of a bunch of bananas and I used it to contrast with this bucket. First of all you don’t find bananas in bucket, second of all yellow definitely contrasts with blue. I love how I cropped off some of the top so its not just a photo of bananas in a bucket. I just thought it would be a good idea to change it up.

This is just another angle of the bananas. I really like this one because I love how its more over powering of the yellow than the blue. And this is not just the picture, I also cropped this one down to help focus in on the contrasting parts of the colors.


These next couple photos are going to represent the section of the color wheel.  I chose  to do the section with red-yellow. I used a Cutie, Fuji Apple, and a Dark Red Apple. I used fruits for this section. I never noticed how a fuji apple can represent a cutie or a red apple. While taking this picture I realized more detail of apples, I never noticed how a Fuji was a good way a blending an orange and red apple.

In this photo there are four fruits. Starting from the far left is a Dark Red Apple, Tomato, Fuji Apple, and than a famous Cutie. I focused into the Tomato and mainly just the Tomato because that was the big change form the last photo to this photo. I think adding in the Tomato helped blend in another color and because of that I like this photo. Personally I really like this photo better than the last ones because of the slight shadows throughout the bottom of the photo. I feel like in these photos the shadows tend to stand out more and I really like how they stand out.


To make a monochromatic photo I took pretzel sticks and salted almonds into a brown bowl and than shot many photos from many different angles. On this one I changed the levels and the color balance just a little because I had an issue with the white balance. Well after fixing it all, I realized that I was cropping out eh white any way so it technically did not matter. But than I was looking and it did make a slight change and even though I cropped it I was glad I had made those slight changes that had helped the overall photo.

Here is another photo falling under the category of Monochromatic. I almost like this one a tad bit more than the other one because it is not as zoomed up. I don’t really like the reflection of the flash, but I feel like the detail of the picture almost balances it out to the point that I don’t feel its a huge deal. Of course next time I will be twice as careful and make sure to shoot without getting the reflection. I really like how the angle I shot this makes the Almonds look as if they are sliding.

This photo was not shot from straight above, but close to it. I feel like if it were to be from straight above than it would change the whole mood of the photograph and it would not glow the way it does. In this photograph there is more of the pretzels than there has been and for that I think it looks better and balances each other out. I really like how the light brown, and dark brown flow with each other and at the same time  they kind of contrast with each other because of the shades. I like how its monochromatic and blending is good.

For my inspiration you can look HERE:)

For my other photos I was inspired by this…….here!

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